More to Unfold. Spiritual Companionship & Spiritual Direction

Pastor Jacqueline Kay Duhart is a San Francisco East Bay based Spiritual Director (pronouns, she and they). In a world that hungers for justice, respect and mercy, Pastor Duhart seeks to provide guidance to individuals and groups as they explore life purpose, their deepest truth(s), and nurture an authentic relationship with the sacred ground of their being which goes by many names and no name.

What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction is an ancient practice of accompaniment and “companioning”. My role is to serve as a sacred mirror, as a witness and companion on your spiritual journey or journeys. I draw on decades of mental health experiences and spiritual leadership to guide and support your unfolding processes and search for meaning. Tenderly, I reflect back what I see and hear as a way to draw out your innate inner wisdom. When appropriate, I offer “spirit” informed questions/reflections, share resources, and make referrals.

Who Seeks a Spiritual Director?

You do! Spiritual Direction is for anyone and everyone regardless of how you identify. Spiritual Direction is for you whether you attend a church, mosque, synagogue, temple or none of these. Spiritual Direction is a useful tool at any time in one’s life; especially when one is wrestling with the complex and sometimes dizzying questions like:

What is the purpose of life?

What is MY purpose in life?

How am I being invited to serve/engage this life ?

Why did that happen to me, like that?

What is LOVE?

What are the Benefits of
Spiritual Direction?

Unveil/nurture a relationship with that which is called by many names and no name

Unveil/nurture your inner life

Invite a companion to see, hear and hold you on your sacred journeys

Discern your life’s purpose: how you are called to serve

Celebrate your joys/
heal your spiritual woundedness

Additional Services

Weddings  •  Celebration of Life Services
Child Dedications •  Baby Namings
Bedside Rituals

Who is Pastor Duhart?

  • Current Director of Spiritual Care at Starr King School for the Ministry
  • Graduate of Interfaith Chaplaincy Institute with a Spiritual Direction Certificate (Berkeley, California)
  • Graduate of Starr King School for the Ministry with M.Div. (Berkeley, California)
  • Semi-retired Unitarian Universalist Minister who served for ten years in an urban church (Oakland, California)
  • Volunteer Chaplain for 8 years at Federal Correction Institute (facility for women) (Dublin, California)
  • Retired (21 years), from United States Air Force as master level clinical social worker. Served in Gulf War
  • Social activist, who moves humbly and seeks justice
  • Mother, committed partner for 30 years, gardener, authentic movement practitioner, lover of gospel music, art, hiking, travel, dance and all forms of prayer


Jacqueline’s joy is contagious!  She draws people out with her warmth, wisdom and listening, and invites them to be peacefully embodied in who they are. Her depth of experience in helping people navigate crisis and trauma, offers healing. Jacqueline is willing to point out what's missing, without judgment. She engages life's shadows – like racism, homophobia and other destructive practices – and models the sacred way forward with truth and grace.
Jacqueline brings many gifts to the table of spiritual direction. She brings a caring acumen as a former clinical social worker and pastor. She brings a loving and intelligent heart that knows how to meet people where they are. And, most importantly, she brings a keen instinct for following the movement of the Spirit on behalf of others. All this she brings to the table she sets for her directees – and it is a table of grace.
Rev. Dr. Diana Nishita Cheifetz
I sought out Jacqueline’s counsel when navigating the challenges of raising teenage sons and supporting my mom through cancer treatment in the last years of her life. Jacqueline is committed to truth and clarity and, in an empowering way, accompanied me in locating the expansive spaces I needed to hold those moments of intense pain and sadness. Jacqueline has guided me toward holding my values close at all times and toward an ability to experience great vulnerability with equanimity. I have become more connected to my essential self, and I can better direct my energies in ways that engage my questions with compassion, catalyze resolution, and generate positive change in my life.
I told Jacqueline that I’d never understood exactly what having a “spiritual practice” meant. She intuitively revealed the spirituality that I was already living, explaining it in terms I could understand and embrace.


Email Pastor Duhart to set appointments and to answer questions regarding fees, office hours, office location, and various ways to meet like Zoom & FaceTime. Sliding fee option is available. Ashay!